Trøgstad 28.4-19

This weekend Arild went to a lure coursing competition with Courtborne Vikings-Grim aka Grim. He got placced  6th of 13 dogs in Nat clas, with 87,5 p. Courtborne Aprilia aka Oyy got her licence race approved and are now ready to start racing aswell. Lots of fun to look forward to this summer!🙂  

Korsvegen 23/4 19

Courtborne Goofy  has now run his last  license race and he now has his lure coursing licens! Courtborne Aprilia ran 2 × approved races and is well on the way with her license as well! Lure coursing is a fun sport for both dogs and owners and with lots of people willingly sharing their knowlegde… Fortsett å lese Korsvegen 23/4 19


Saturday: NKK Nordic dogshow Bergen 4-5 Apr. Courtborne Aprilia Exc, ck and nr 1 in class. Diva-Or-Tel's John Alden 2 Best male with CC and Nordic Cert. Jugde:Moray Armstrong Sunday: Irish wolfhoundclub sighthound show. Courtborne Aprilia BB4 and BIR Intermediate class, BIS3 intermediate. Diva-Or-Tel's Tituba Best junior bitch BIR junior and BIS4 junior. Jugde: Wim… Fortsett å lese Bergen.

Best lists

Best lists Whippet 2018 Courtborne Aprilia placed as nr 3 newcommer and as nr 10 on the mostwinnig bithces list 2018. We are so happy and pleaced about the result, as Oyy havent been to many show this year. Looking forward to show her in the ring in 2019!

NKK Puppyshow

  Once again Zappa has been on a puppyshow. Diva-Or-Tel's John Alden "Zappa" BIS2 puppy! Jugde:Vigdis Nymark. Handler was Kristin, kennel Courtborne who always do a fabolous job! Ve are so pleased and happy for him!!


11 Nov 2018   2 pupps from Knl Diva-Or-Tel was on a puppyshow today. Diva-Or-Tel's John Alden "Zappa, BIS4 puppy, and Diva-Or-Tel's Cotton Mather "Melvin" nr 2 in clas withHP. Our russian beaty, Ioreks A-Yo "Iza" got HP, BIR and BIG3 puppy A very nice day, with friends and a million thanks to Kristin Kennel… Fortsett å lese Puppyshow


13 okt. 2018  Diva-Or-Tel's Cotton Mather " Melvin" has been on his first puppyshow. He was second in his clas with HP Owners: Stine og Espen Utstrand. We are super proud of our Salem pups!