Ny norsk champion!

I helga tok vi turen til Letohallen og Norsk Miniatyrhundklubbs utstilling.Courtborne Aprilia "Oyy" tok sitt siste cert for dommer: Tanya Alhman-Stocmari og ble dermed ny Norsk Champion!!🎉🎉🏆🙂Diva-Or-Tel's John Alden "Zappa" 3 beste hannhund.

Skokloster summershow, Strømsholm castle 26-28 aug 2019

We had a lovely time in Strømsholm, lots of beautiful dogs and happy people.Diva-Or-Tel's John Alden was placed best jun. Male and BOS junior.Courtborne Aprilia was not placed but got a HP.Jugde: Joanne Boudreault. Knl Forgetmenot.Ioreks A-Yo was 2 Juniorbitch with an CQ on Saturday, jugde Maja Cosic.And on Sunday 3 Juniorbitch with an CQ,… Fortsett å lese Skokloster summershow, Strømsholm castle 26-28 aug 2019

Sona 19 May 19

Sunday it was NAT. Lure coursing competition and we had 3 dogs starting this day. Courtborne Vikings-Grim had a fun time and runned into a 4th place in Nat.clas males. 3th place went to the handsome Courtborne Shiva, father of our Salem litter. Courtborne Goofy runned into a 3th place in int clas male. Courtbone… Fortsett å lese Sona 19 May 19