About us

Kennel Diva-Or-Tel is Arild and Tove and our 5 great whippets and 1 Borzoi. We are a small scale breeder, with focus on quality Whippets.

We got our first Whippet in 2015, after 10 years with Presa Canario and Rottweiler, in 2018 we expanded the family with a Borzoi.

We have both grown up with dogs as a natural part of our everyday life. Arild’s interest in a dog was really awakened when he started working for one of the polar and pull dogs for 20 years, and his first dog became an Alaska Husky. My (Tove)’s interest started with a father with a big int of dog, and eventually I got to take moore and moore responsibillity for the dogs at our home.

When I was 14 years old, I had the opportunity to take over 2 Afghan sigthounds, they really got into my heart and i ended up buying an Afghan puppy with money from confirmation. So sighthounds was not quite unknown to me when we got our first Whippet.

We have been fortunate to have incredible skilled breeders in Kennel Courtborne to advise us, they have bred Salukis since 1977 and Whippet since 1997, they have not hesitated to answer questions and sheer with us their great knowledge about the breed, and lines and everything else we have wondered, we are forever grateful for it.

Kennel Diva-Or-Tel’s goal is to promote the breed’s many good qualities, work for a beautiful exterior and a good strong mentality.

If you have any questions,do not hesitate to ask!

Best regards

Arild &Tove.