Dogs4all 2019

This weekend we went to Dogs4all in Lillestrøm, had a very fun time with lots of friends and laughter and lots of amazing dogs.

Day 1 was a Nordic show. Courtborne Aprilia was placed nr 4 in her clas with cc. Jugde: John Palmer.

Diva-Or-Tel’s John Alden a nice nr 2 in juniorcl. with cc. Jugde: paulo Cohelo.

Ioreks A-Yo also went nr 2 in juniorcl. with cc for jugde: Andre Van Den Broek.

On day 2 there was an int dogshow.

Courtborne Aprilia got an exc for jugde Bart Sheerens.

Diva-Or-Tel’s John Alden was placed 3 in juniorcl with an cc also for jugde: Bart sheerens.

Ioreks A-Yo ended up second best bitch with a res. Certificate for jugde: Mr Thomas Hehir.