Skokloster summershow, Strømsholm castle 26-28 aug 2019

We had a lovely time in Strømsholm, lots of beautiful dogs and happy people.

Diva-Or-Tel’s John Alden was placed best jun. Male and BOS junior.

Courtborne Aprilia was not placed but got a HP.

Jugde: Joanne Boudreault. Knl Forgetmenot.

Ioreks A-Yo was 2 Juniorbitch with an CQ on Saturday, jugde Maja Cosic.
And on Sunday 3 Juniorbitch with an CQ, jugde Michael Canalizo.

Diva-Or-Tel’s John Alden

BIS junior: Sobresalto just play it like sexy.  
BOS Junior: Diva-Or-Tel’s John Alden.

Ioreks A-Yo.

Courtborne Aprilia. Pict. from another show.