NAT utstilling Letohallen 2-3 Mars 2019

NAT utstilling Letohallen 2-3 Mars 2019.

The weekend came and we travelled once again to a dogshow.

Saturday: Courtborne Aprilia went all the way to Best In Show!!

Diva-Or-Tel’s John Alden,3 BHK CC, this was his first show as a junior.

Breed and Group jugde: Poças, João Vasco, Portugal.

BIS dommer, Safra Zirik, Israel.


Sunday:  once again Courtborne Aprilia shows her best side and ends Best In Show 3!!

Diva-Or-Tel’s John Alden also have a fantastic day, placed Best male with CC!!

What a start he has had in the ring.

Breed and Group jugde:Safra Zirik, Israel.

BIS dommer, Mario Knoll, Brasil.

Wow! What a weekend it turned out to be, ve are humble and very, very happy that the jugdes appreciate our dog so mutch!